Wednesday, March 26, 2014

101- Adventure and Pulp with Mark Ellis

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Dave and Al discuss current happenings in publishing, followed by a chat with Mark Ellis, author of and many other familiar titles both in novel and graphic novel form.

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Promo- Prophecy by J.F. Penn

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  1. I would love to discuss with you on your site the release of my new historical thriller, "Palette Knife: A Novel of Love, Intrigue, and Nazi Terror". The novel plunges us into Berlin 1937, when Nazi terror collides with Creative Freedom, and how one Expressionist painter and his half-Jewish wife battle the regime. I'd be glad to offer free audio codes and an excerpt. This audiobook is complete and will be launched on and I-Tunes in a few days--already on Kindle and paperback. Sincerely, R. Manolakas,