Wednesday, November 12, 2014

112- Favorite and Most Influential Female Authors


After seeing what we thought was an incomplete, classics-heavy online list of top female authors, we decided to discuss some of our top/favorite/most influential female authors and series. We struggled with what to even call the episode and how to describe it. These aren't necessarily the "best of the best" or even the writers who have been most influential on the genre. They're a few of our favorites and authors who have influenced us or others in our lives. Also, there are plenty of worthy authors we didn't mention as we tried to limit the list to ten.

Our list:

Margo Lanagan
J.V. Jones
Anne McCaffrey
Ursula Leguin
Jennifer Roberson
Kaaron Warren
Nevada Barr
Zadie Smith
Suzanne Collins
JK Rowling
Robin McKinley
Shirley Jackson
Katherine Neville
CJ Cherryh
Harper Lee
Angela Slatter
Lisa L. Hannett 
Ellen Datlow 

Other books we discussed in this episode:

Dark Trinity

Indie Author Power Pack

Arena of Souls

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